We believe that Wealth Management is an overused term within our industry meaning different things to different people. Therefore, we like to be very specific when we use the term. We believe that Wealth Management is composed of three components: Investment Consulting, Advanced Planning, and Relationship Management.

Investment Consulting

Managing investments is what typically comes to mind when a person is asked what a financial advisor does. For some, this may be a simple process of looking at one’s risks and return objectives and providing an asset allocation to the client. We think it goes further.

It starts with a comprehensive discovery process, getting to know everything about our client to help aggregate the information necessary to prepare suitable investments that can maximize their potential of achieving their goals.

Education is a key component of our investment philosophy. We think that investor behavior can have as much impact on the performance of your assets as the actual investments if emotions drive your buying and selling decisions. Your advisor will be with you every step of the way so that you can have prudent advice in any situation and be in a position to make informed and rational decisions on what to do with your wealth. 

Advanced Planning

Whether it is a college savings plan for your child, your personal retirement plan, or goals to pass on your accumulated wealth to others in an efficient way, your financial goals require careful planning and implementation. You can rely on your advisor at Plott and French to have the experience and knowledge necessary to help develop a plan for any of your financial goals. 

We are an independent financial advisor, so we are not tied to any company’s specific products. This puts us in a position to advise our clients on a range of investment options from a number of different investment companies and asset classes. 

Most importantly, once your plan has been created, it won’t be placed in a folder and filed away never to be seen again. We meet regularly with our clients to ensure that things are on track and to make adjustments where necessary. 

Relationship Management

We believe our relationships with our clients are our most important asset. Without those relationships, we would not have the information necessary for us to provide the highest quality of advice which we strive to achieve. If you are a client of Plott and French, you can expect regular contact with your advisor.

We can work closely with others in your professional network, such as accountants and attorneys, to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Not only does this lead to better coordination and smoother processes, it also saves our clients time, by freeing them up from needing to relay information between different firms. 

If you’re not currently working with an accountant or attorney and find yourself in a situation needing their advice, we work with some of the leading accountants, attorneys, and other financial professionals in the area and will be happy to provide an introduction. 



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