Philanthropy is a major part of many people’s lives and financial goals. Many of our clients who have achieved great personal financial success during their lifetimes seek to give back to the world and the causes important to them. Plott and French can help you maximize your charitable goals in a number of ways:

• Finding the most tax efficient strategy of achieving your charitable goals. By minimizing your tax obligations, we can help you maximize the value of your gift.

• Using life insurance to reduce uncertainty of achieving your estate planning objectives and charitable bequests while receiving current tax advantages during your lifetime.

• Prudent Investment Management options for charitable trusts and foundations for those seeking to leave behind a legacy for generations to come.

Depending on the complexity of your charitable goals, we can introduce you to some of the area’s leading experts that we work with, including accountants and attorneys. We can also introduce you to regional charitable organizations or help you preserve the anonymity of your gift if you desire.   


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